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Kid-Friendly Fishing Charters


What Should We Bring When We Fish with First Cast Charters?

  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen, hats, polarized sunglasses, long-sleeved shirts
  • Rain Protection: Rain jackets, foul weather gear – “just in case”
  • Drinks. Food and Snacks – I provide a cooler with ice. (Helpful Hint: When ordering subs or sandwiches the night before the trip, have them made “dry” with condiments, oil, etc. on the side. This will keep your sandwiches from getting soggy overnight)
  • Camera and video camera that can get wet
  • If you prefer to fish with your own tackle, we encourage you to bring your favorite rods aboard
  • Please be sure to NOT wear any dark-soled shoes or sneakers as this tends to mark up the deck. (We want to keep her nice and clean for your next trip.)

Where Do We Get Picked Up?

  • Most charters will depart from Maximo Boat Ramp (Next to Oneill’s Marina) or Fort De Soto Boat Ramp. Both ramps are located in South St. Petersburg. Client pick-up times and locations can be tailored to your convenience. Many hotels such as The Don Cesar and The Renaissance Vinoy feature marinas or nearby boat ramps where pickup can also be arranged.
  • Please be sure to be on-time (early would be even better)

Can I Bring Kids?

OF COURSE! At First Cast Charters, we enjoy being a part of a Junior Angler’s first fishing experience…and the second…and the third. You get the idea. We take great pride in helping to establish the next generation of anglers and to instill a love of fishing while promoting RESPONSIBLE angling to ensure our fishery’s future for generations to come. Captain Bernie has a low-key fishing style that keeps Junior Anglers relaxed and engaged. No scolding allowed!