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Redfish are Coming – Red Tide is NOT

We continue to catch more an more Redfish as we inch closer to the falll and the bait migrations that come with it. We are also catching larger snook as the spawn winds down – and Snook Season opens. (Snook always seem to know when Snook Season is getting ready to open and get “lockjaw.”) Tarpon are also staging in the passes and near the bridges in anticipation of bait schools pushing through.

We at First Cast want everyone to know that our Tampa Bay fishery has NOT been affected by the algae bloom and fish kill that has plagued Southwest Floida as well as the East Coast of Florida. We stand with our brothers and sisters who make a living on the water, beaches and estuaries and have been seriously affected by the algae bloom, which has killed an enourmous amount of marine life.

Fortunately, the algea bloom appears to be receding as tropical systems and other currents serve to dissipate it – for now. We need our government representatives to take long-term action to address this situation that has impacted so many hard-working families in the State of Florida.

The action in Tampa Bay is hot and will only get hotter as the temperatures begin to cool Call today to book your trip!