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What We Catch

My specialty is the pursuit of Snook inshore and King Mackerel (a/k/a “Kingfish”) just offshore. When you fish with me, I will formally introduce you to the world-famous Tarpon (the “Silver King”), Redfish, Seatrout and Black Drum. Near the bridges and just offshore, we’ll target many species of Mackerels, Snappers, Groupers and various Shark species.

As a charter captain with more than a quarter century of experience, my job is paint you a portrait that you will cherish forever. My canvas is the waters and estuaries of Tampa Bay on Florida’s West Coast of Florida. My paint will be this incredibly diverse fishery and scenery. My brushes will be light to medium tackle outfits that are balanced between n angling challenge yet enough “horsepower” to subdue a catch that you won’t soon forget.

What makes Tampa Bay so enticing is the diversity of the surrounding waters, estuaries and structure. We can be fishing along a towering, bustling bridge one minute followed by an oyster bed in 8 inches of water followed by gin-clear water within sight of our famous Tampa Bay beaches – all on the same trip.

When you book a First Cast Fishing Charter, I will brief you on the conditions and species that are most active. With your input, I will create a trip specifically designed for YOU. At First Cast Fishing Charters, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all fishing trip. I take pride in creating a custom angling experience that aligns with YOUR angling experience and objectives. Whether you’re eager to experience the raw power and acrobatics of a Tarpon, the wily antics of a Snook and the drag-melting runs of a Kingfish, allow me to put you in position not only to find the fish but to put you in position to win the battle.

One thing that we stress at First Cast Fishing Charters is to BRING THE KIDS! We are a family-owned and operated fishing service. Nothing brings a smile to my face quite like guiding a junior – or brand new – angler to catches that will open up an entirely new world to our future anglers. My daughter has loved to fish since an early age and, to this day, she can’t wait to get out on the water to chase down a Snook or Kingfish. First Cast Fishing Charters will have your children forget all about their devices and gaming consoles – at least for six or eight hours.

The First Cast Team is devoted to incredible customer service and to provide a memorable and exhilarating angling experience. And we want to come back again. While you’re here, please take a minute or two to take a look at our photos and fishing reports. We hope that you’ll be in those photos very soon. We look forward to joining you on the water.

— Captain Bernie