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Kid-Friendly Fishing Charters

Kids and Junior Anglers Welcome!

One thing that we stress at First Cast Fishing Charters is to BRING THE KIDS! We are a family-owned and operated fishing service. Nothing brings a smile to my face quite like guiding a junior – or brand new – angler to catches that will open up an entirely new world to our future anglers. My daughter has loved to fish since an early age and, to this day, she can’t wait to get out on the water to chase down a Snook or Kingfish. First Cast Fishing Charters will have your children forget all about their devices and gaming consoles – at least for six or eight hours.

I discovered this insatiable appetite for inshore and nearshore fishing at an early age and would be honored to help your child begin a similar journey – and obsession. Children are our future and that includes being the future of our sport of fishing and the conservation mindset that accompanies the skills of an angler.

I know what it takes to keep junior anglers excited and engaged during a four, six or eight-hour trip. I enjoy helping the entire family create an angling experience together that can serve as a wellspring of memories for a lifetime. I also want to teach our future anglers how to enjoy and protect our fishery’s precious natural resources.

I will be sure to match our tackle and locations to yield the maximum enjoyment from your child’s angling experience, regardless of the species. Believe me. I knows that kids just want to catch a bunch of fish, regardless of size.

When fishing aboard my Custom Composite 2013 Aeon Marine 23 DLX, the entire family enjoys a safe and comfortable charter fishing experience. We have the cockpit room to keep the family from bumping into each other while simultaneously fighting the inshore and nearshore species that make Tampa Bay famous!

The whole family is welcome aboard First Cast Fishing Charters and I look forward to introducing your child or children to the amazing world that resides at our fingertips. Give me a call and let’s get going!